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Whether you have an idea for a future constellation or want to write an old-fashioned letter to the editors, whether you want to tell us about a show we should not miss or are interested in writing about a piece of art that you could not get out of your mind, we would love to hear from you. If no one is saying what you think needs to be said about art, let us know—or better yet, say it and send it to us. We are always looking for new contributors.  Please use the form on the left to get in touch.

Quodlibetica is a volunteer-run online journal devoted to visual arts, writing, and criticism. Our goal is to make art accessible, inviting, and exciting. Founded by Christina Schmid and Collier White in 2009, Quodlibetica seeks to create a public intellectual forum for engaging with art, artists, critics, and curators. Quodlibetica follows the idiosyncratic concerns of its editors, contributors, and writers, and fosters experimental writing that is not bound by the conventions of journalistic coverage or academic conventions. As a collaborative project, Quodlibetica thrives on critical dialog and seeks to engage with a wide variety of audiences. Committed to editorial autonomy, integrity, and independence, Quodlibetica is not affiliated with any one institution but appreciates and welcomes the interest and support of all those who share our goals to broaden the public appreciation and understanding of art.


Managing Editors


  • Jan Estep
  • Ana Lois-Borzi
  • Chris Atkins
  • Ed Charbonneau
  • Emily Atchison
  • George Slade
  • Jake Ramberg
  • Kristin Makholm
  • Patricia Briggs
  • Sheila Dickinson
  • Colleen Sheehy
  • Diane Mullin
  • Andy DuCett
  • Andy Sturdevant
  • Mason Riddle
  • Marsha Olson
  • and many more